Alexander Lamont, Designer-Craftsman

British designer Alexander Lamont has always been interested in enigmatic textures, forms and materials; “surfaces that call out to be touched”. The journey to make such furniture, lighting and objects in the 21st century – requiring time and hard-won skills for each piece – took him to Thailand where he has built celebrated workshops.

Alexander Lamont

Our Philosophy

Objects have power: they connect us to our most intimate selves and to the people, places, stories and memories in our lives. In our most important and intimate everyday moments, the things that are present must be objects made with great skill and care, from natural materials that grow old with grace.
“ I want the pieces that I create to become lifelong companions, friends of the house, each with its own energy, beauty and spirit ” Alexander Lamont

Alexander Lamont makes collections of furniture, lighting, objects and wall panels with unexpected natural materials and refined hand techniques that have been used for centuries in Europe and Asia. Our minimal, organic and tailored designs show a contemporary reverence for rituals of craftsmanship and the energy that human skills impart into every piece.


In a world of increasing speed and mass production we are in danger of seeing the disappearance of many things that have been considered essential to the designer and maker in times past: hand drawing; the lived understanding of techniques and materials; the years of patience and practice that build the skills needed to make something superlative.

Craftsmanship | Alexander Lamont
“ I seek to bring a fresh point of view to the world of decorative arts, fine furniture and traditional materials with luxurious and contemporary forms coupled with an uncompromising approach to innovation, craftsmanship and quality. These have been achieved in my workshops through the mastery of ancient skills and techniques and a willingness to break through those same traditions through our research and development work. ”

Craftsmanship | Alexander Lamont


Malabares - Fuorisalone 2023

Malabares Collection 2023

Malabares – Paris Déco Home 2023

Alexander Lamont – Designer Artisan

Delta Collection 2021

Sirena Collection 2020

Fuorisalone 2018 - Interview

Alexander talks about the ideas behind his 2018 collection of furniture and lighting, Intarsia. Interior designer Bruno Tarsia and Nobilis CEO Norman Hallard talk about their collaboration with Alexander Lamont at Fuorisalone 2018 in Milan.

Fuorisalone 2018 - at Nobilis

Enter the doors of Nobilis showroom in the heart of Brera design district of Milano and take a walk around our Intarsia collection beautifully styled by Bruno Tarsia for Fuorisalone 2018.

Fuorisalone 2017

A tour of our gallery in Brera at this years Milan Fuorisalone where we launched the Atlantica collection and also exhibited a selection of our Couture and Editions collections and a new group of lacquered dinanderie and bronze vases.

The Environment

“ I would not want my designs made in a place and manner that I would not be happy to work in every day. ”

We believe that by making beautiful furniture and objects by hand, using strong and durable methods and materials that will age gracefully, we are making the most sustainable products possible to be made.

Materials: our materials are natural and have been used in the decorative world for many centuries. We are careful to source our materials through reputable suppliers and we consistently monitor industry information about how those sources are being managed. None of our materials are from sources that are listed on any endangered list.

The Environment | Alexander Lamont

Learn more about our materials in our blog.

People, techniques and workshop: if you are able to visit our workshops then you will find a quiet, clean space where safe natural materials are being worked in an environment suited to focused and skilled work.

Where machinery is used for furniture-making, strict safety procedures are implemented and followed by our English and French masters who work side-by-side with Thai craftsmen.

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