COM Policy

Customised orders sometimes require that we work with materials provided by our clients: fabrics for upholstered seating or pre-fitted panels for custom Le Mur projects (COM Materials). This document sets out indications, shipping instructions and disclaimers with regard to AL’s handling of COM materials.


When supplying upholstery fabrics please advise the following to our Customer Service team prior to dispatch:
Please follow instructions below for shipping of fabrics to our workshops.
Alexander Lamont takes no responsibility for the quality of fabrics upon arrival in our workshops. We also do not guarantee durability or suitability of client-provided fabrics for the ordered products.


In certain cases we can apply our special finishes onto a substate provided by the client. In these cases, we will provide instructions on the exact type of substrate and the suitable surface requirements depending upon the selected finish. We may also ask for samples of the proposed substrate to be sent to our workshops for analysis and testing. Any costs related to this must be paid for by the client. The substrate must be agreed before shipping of any panels to our workshop.

The procedure below must be followed when shipping pre-fitted panels to our workshops.

Alexander Lamont takes no responsibility for the quality of pre-fitted panels upon arrival in our workshops and we do not guarantee their durability or suitability for the ordered products.


It is very important that in order to save valuable cost and time both for the Client and for AL the following process is followed when shipping COM Materials to our production workshops in Thailand.


The following information and import documentation must be provided to our Customer Service team and approved by us BEFORE COM Materials are dispatched:
  1. Draft Invoice & packing list with H.S Codes, Number of Packages & Dimensions;
  2. Certificate of Origin;
  3. Phytosanitary Certificate for shipments containing Plywood material. This certificate needs to be arranged by Sender at Origin. All costs involved to be paid by sender.
  4. Local contact details (Thailand) of Sender’s nominated Freight forwarder;
  5. On all shipping documents consignee / Receiver should be marked as follows:
    City Arts Limited
    88/1 Soi Chotiwat 1,
    Rim Klong Prapa Road,
    Bang sue, Bangkok 10800 Thailand
    Attn: Ms Kanjana (Logistics Department)
    T: +66 2913 8218 Ext: 400
    Email: [email protected]
  6. Shipment Terms: Must be DDP to be Delivered to the above address and contact.


After dispatch of COM Materials as per the above requirements Sender should provide the following to our Customer Service team:
  1. Tracking details with copy of complete shipping documents – Invoice / Packing list / AWB
  2. Pictures of items Before & After packing (During random inspections Customs offices do insist for these pictures)
  3. For shipments containing Plywood Items, Sender’s freight forwarder needs to request an Import permit from Thai Agricultural department once shipment lands in Thailand. Our Logistics team at our production workshops can authorise them to submit this application on Receiver’s behalf. Obtaining such permit will normally take 3 – 4 working days subject to availability of all correct information / documents.
  4. To save time required documents for this Import permit application can be prepared in advance, hence we request that the above steps in paragraphs (1) and (2) are strictly followed by Sender.

Production Lead times quoted by Alexander Lamont will start only after receipt of COM Materials at our Production workshops in Bangkok in good condition.

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